7 Year Rabbit Cycle – “Ache Horns ” – [Free Porcupine Society]

anthony fremont   4/18/2006   A Library, CD

Expanded version of Bay Area experimental pop project centered around Deerhoof founder/ex-guitarist and current Badgerlore member Rob Fisk and vocalist Kelly Goode (ex-Deerhoof keyboardist) enhanced by the addition of new personell lending depth and texture to their ex isting frenetic sound. Percussionist Ches Smith (ex-Mr Bungle) on vibes and violist George Behringer add a softer dimension tempering Fisk’s kinetic abrasive guitar prowess. Musically this stands as the band’s most adventurous and complex effort to date. Goode’s vocals are also more refined and ranging from quiet murmurs to erupting shrills. The epic track 8 features a brief appearance by Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu) on vocals. With a delicate intensity, the cycle progresses forward. -Anthony Fremont


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