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Aderlating – “Spear of Gold and Seraphim Bone Part One” – [ConSouling Sounds]

abacus   6/5/2013   A Library, CD


Belgian conjurer of demons Maurice de Jong is the disturbed mind behind this most evil of dark ambient nightmares. Murky death drones that emanate from the deepest recesses of bog-filled caverns. Bleak and barren despite the overwhelmingly dense layering, or is it that the sounds figure so prominently on their own? Cataclysmic eruptions of ritual exorcism burst forth, bolstered by the vague drums that linger in distant tunnels. At times we sink deeper and deeper to the molten center, where the drums pound with metallic, omnidestructive fury like a blackened hurricane of smoke and disease. At other times we blast to the outer edges of consciousness, eerily drifting along the ether. Organic sounds of grimy cesspools and viscous mires give birth to parasitic creatures echoing poisonous incantations. Morbid, grisly and at times terrifying, this is an ancient evil come to haunt us.


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