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Function – “Incubation” – [Ostgut Ton]

incognito   6/4/2013   A Library, CD

Part techno, part minimal, part ambient, 100% awesome. Fantastic minimal release from Function on the Ostgut Ton label. This album showcases a detached, dark ambient take on minimal techno, while taking notes from trance and progressive in tracks like “Counterpoint” and “Incubation,” without ever really getting too deep into either genre. The album begins with the slow, lurching “Voiceprint,” which is reprised later as a techno piece. There are some hints of minimal/avant house in “Modifier” and “Inter,” and again fading out into a trancelike state with “Gradient 1.” This is a great listen for fans of german house, techno and minimal. I cant wait to see what Ostgut Ton brings next.


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