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Kodi & Pausa – “In One Week and New Toys to Pl ” – [Korm Plastics]

jack soil   4/5/2006   A Library, CD

Quickly, Brombron is a released project derived by two or more artists in residence at an arts initiative in the Netherlands. The artists are supplied with a well equipped studio; a limited amount of time is given to the artists to collaborate on a ‘dream? project. Brombron is curated by Frans de Waard of KAPOTTE MUZIEK, Bequeen, and many others.

Kodi (Natalie Bruys, utilizes her techno background) & Pausa (Lukas Simonis makes use of his industrial/rock instrumentalist background) used their time wisely employing some field recordings and improvised synth noodling. The results are an off the wall should shape shifting Dutch coffee house soundtrack that does not bore or strain the listener’s earhole. Sometimes glitchy, sometimes chaotic, occasionally melodic. Always weird. Always engaging. Never underestimate the Dutch. Wonder Twins power – ACTIVATE!


final note – – this is #7 in the Brombron series


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