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The Choir Boys With Strings “The Choir Boys With Strings” [pfMentum]

cujo   4/5/2006   A Library, CD

Two guests tag along for the followup to Jeff Kaiser and Andrew Pask’s original Choir Boys release (which we have in the library), but this is most unlike our more recent Kaiser adds, the triskaidekaphobic and alchemical releases. Your line up is Kaiser on trumpets and Pask on reeds (the original Choir Boys) and G. E. Stinson and Steuart Liebig on guitars (the With Strings). They all fiddle with various electronic manipulations, probably enhancing their own instruments. Nobody sings.

This album blends improvisation with hazy noise. Liebig’s contrabass guitar is a buried backbone for this effort; most of the noisish highlights are provided by Stinson’s doodling on his mostly unrecognizable guitar (like an electronically prepared guitar). His effects have as much of a voice as the various reeds or trumpet. It resists being murky filler, even as it approaches some baud-ass swirling on track 5. Kaiser’s trumpet is mostly ornamental, even when (especially when?) filtered to sound almost untrumpetlike. There are a few moments where he shines, particularly a late-night jazz club lament on track 4. Like the original Choir Boys album, a lot of vivid imagery is brought to mind upon listening, notably animals on track 2 (a donkey clarinet, guitars that morph from mosquitos to elephants).

-Cujo, KFJC, March 2006

you heard it 11 times on kfjc! most recently:
steuart liebig says

actually, for the record, i do a lot of processing and noises on this thing too. in fact i believe the opening gong sound on the disc is prepared bassguitar. you might want to check this disc out to see a little more of what porcessing and preparation sounds like:



Max Level - KFJC says

Stuart- sort of old news, but wanted to mention that the "Roadside Curios" CD is really cool, and has been one of my faves for quite a while. sounds like you did quite a bit of processing and whatnot on that one as well.


Max Level - KFJC says

oops sorry Steuart, spelled yr name wrong.


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