Body, The – “Master, We Perish” – [At a Loss Recordings]

abacus   5/15/2013   A Library, CD


Demonic duo of doom deconstructionists originally from Providence, RI and relocated to Portland have been belting out their broke-down, volatile, spare monolith of metal for a few years now. Overblown air-raid alarms over shredded sludge slop subduction wrought with tortured wretch vocals. Trk 2 starts with haunted choirs and voices creeping out the back of your head (FCC?) and settles into some disjointed drum machine blundering and blunderbuss blasting. Trk 3 is a Maori feedback war party ritual that induces some more delusional digressions and eventually explodes into one final outlash of fury before retreating back into trembling paranoid psychosis. Some truly disturbed music for supremely disturbed souls!


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