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Rucker, Ricci – “Fuga ” – [Alpha Pup Records]

Thurston Hunger   3/23/2006   A Library, CD

Holy Ourobouros! The process of making up a sonic storyboard
via samples, then feeding those to musicians to record before
once again being turntablized, that’s interesting enough for
KFJC on spec alone, but this album hangs high by a lot more
than its clever process. The sounds mingle everything from
serious soul jazz to more abstract Brit jazz in a blender
that whips up experimental electronics. One key is a true and
honest worship of the power of live drums. But then that
misses things like the carry-over from track 4 to 5, we get
a vocal aria calling children over keyboards sounding like a
vietnamese kheen and then a trumpet comes in to answer the
aria. Beautiful. But push forward a bit in track 5 and here
come the drums with a vengeance stacked up and marching to
the city center. They encounter tabla and electro waveshock
patterns, along with some of that dirty funkbuttom bottom
bass distorto-brilliance before zzzzapping out. This album
hits like a movie with a solid ensemble cast. I could see
the Alga Marghen set getting into this, as well as DJ Shadow
catchers. It’s like a prism, depending on where you view it
from, you see a lot of different color. Thumb piano, loose
wire hum, flute, cello. But *everyone* can see the drums,
beating like the heart of this multiverse. Ricci rich! One of
my favorite Ruckers (Rudy’s no slouch either) -Thurston Hunger

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