Hunters – “Hands On Fire” – [Aagoo]

Naysayer   5/1/2013   12-inch, A Library

YEAH! If I was twenty something living in Brooklyn this is the band I would want to make: girl/boy duo with two other band mates,focus on the girl/boy harmonies, noisyscratchygratingpoppyharshrelentlesscatchy songs about sexual tension not blatantly stated but simple lyrics repeated with grinding guitar blasting drums powerful bass. Many reviews make many musical comparisons for them. My comparison time frame pushes me back to early Sonic Youth, dirty grinding sticky Sonic Youth. It’s a glorious mess, but not messy. They know what they are doing this Derek and Isabel and Tommy and Gregg. Mmmmmmmm I love it. The cover picture says it all: house party, trashed out thrift store/street find furniture, coupled on the floor thrashing away at the instruments, duct tape in place, don’t show my face. A picture says a thousand words: you either get it or you don’t.


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