Dead C, The Vs. Rangda [coll] – [Ba Da Bing]

abacus   4/24/2013   12-inch, A Library

Lost Dead C recordings from the Eusa Kills sessions around 1989 and recordings of Rangda from 2010. Crunching, plodding death dirge from Dead C evolves into a swing dance atop the ashes of yesterday. Heavy on the apolitical contention with a hint of nihilist contentment, its like sipping on broken glass so fine it goes down smooth. A know nothing mind fart of muffled mayhem and primal deconstruction. On the Rangda side we get a delicate wash of emotional protuberance. Catharsis blossoms gleefully from the organic exchange between Chasny and Bishop fed by the photosynthetic energy of Corsano’s drums. The dynamic interplay remains gentle while crashing your senses like ocean waves on a solitary rock. While perhaps not the best introduction to the work of the two bands, these fine selections demonstrate the range of sonic abilities contained in a simple guitar-guitar-drums trio format.


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