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Spoonbender 1.1.1 – “Stereo Telepathy Academy ” – [Helen Scarsdale Agency]

Thurston Hunger   2/24/2006   A Library, CD

This 40 minute piece does a mesmerizing job of capturing both
the fear and the adoration of science. The kernel for that
comes via a series of samples from David Cronenberg’s student
film “Stereo” then bathing them in longwave synth treatments.
Utilizing a Milgram’s worth of warmth and the unflinching
hands of sonic technicians Dustin and Cup, humorous detritus
is kept to an acceptable 2-3 ppm. It has the dry sterile air
of PBS (Pattern Brain Surgery). Audio augmentations include
static electrodes to temples, several Kitaro inversion fields,
Doppler ripples, headphone hemispherics, McGoohan iso-reverb,
matrix printing agitation, and what appears to be champagne
glasses. Perhaps the latter are rung along their rims in
celebration of the exceptional success of the experiment.
Nuclear family war is avoided by taking the high telepath
between us. Heisenberg’s uncertainty is cast aside in favor
of Stringfellow’s certainty in the blink of a trepanation
and the removal of large portions of the larynx. Ultimately
the artificial neural/erotic barriers are bypassed in favor
of the inevitable union betwixt the perfect parapsychological
pair, researcher and subject. -Thurston Hunger

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ukDave says

Spoonbender 1.1.1's Stereo Telepathy Academy is fucking mental. And essential. Truly alien, Truly progressive, and likely to be misunderstood by all but the committed. A true classic on par with COILANS and NWW's Soliloquy For Lilith. I've listened to it obsessively for weeks, and i'm afraid to go near this whilst on drugs! DEEP AND ESSENTIAL! I first heard it on Nozmo's show when the group were guests. thanks Kfjc!


Max Level - KFJC says

I haven't had a chance to check this one out for myself yet. but between T.Hunger's original review, and ukDave's additional comments, I'm now totally intrigued, and obviously I need to dive into this release.


numa says

I have played this a time or two since it was added to the library here at KFJC on the graveyard, but I have to admit it didn't impact me as much until I heard it during the day. Monchichi was playing it on a Thursday morning as I was drinking my morning coffee, and it just worked so well. Nothing is better than sitting back with a cup of coffee with the a discussion of trepanation and lobotomies. Listen with care.


ukDave says

I heard that Spoonbenders label-Or the distributor or something, got a cease and desist from David Cronenberg because of Stereo Telepathy Academy and it's use of Crimes Of The Future. Look it up on Ebay under "nutters". I'm not giving up mine!


Ophelia says

WARNING! If you play this you can move things with your mind...OK maybe not but if you practice daily you can communicate to strangers using only your mind! At least it happened to me once. ONLY 333 copies released! Get your copy now before we all become sex zombies. David Cronenberg wants you to have this in your collection. Long Live the New Flesh! Long Live Spoonbender 1.1.1


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