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Pisspounder [coll] – [Deathbomb Arc]

surferrosa   4/10/2013   12-inch, A Library

Pisspounder cover art

Pisspounder appears to be a terribly appropriate title for this compilation because it will surely pound the piss right out of you. This collection concentrates on drum centered noise rock out on Deathbomb Arc. Six bands with a few things in common: insane tweeker drumming all over the place, absolutely relentlessness, and noisy for sure. The material here ranges from slightly to thoroughly painful… if you prefer the slight over the thorough try Foot Village, Dreamhouse or Aa. Now here is the scoop.

FOOT VILLAGE- Spastic, drunk and chaotic noise rock with male/female yellings, rants and chats. Lyrics are silly, sometimes telling a weird little story. Electronics on occasion. This sounds like a ruckus and a riot. The drummer here is definitely tearing his drum set apart. Into tiny little pieces.

SWORD HEAVEN- swirling with harsh electronics and violent vocals..tape manipulations, scraping metal sounds and a drummer who is falling apart. Mayhem and cacophony to bring home to your mother, though this will probably give her a headache and you might get kicked out of the house.

DREAMHOUSE- pounding, angular non-pop pop tunes for schizoids. Screaming and yelling telephone receiver vocals. Covered in clinks, clanks and bangs..demented organ lines and broken guitar riffs. Stuttering electronics and a vague vague sense of rhythm. Skronk on #4 if that hits your sweet spot.

RAINBOW BLANKET- first track is a drone monster with the drums building in. It resonates and rings as vocal moans echo from beyond, along with some sort of processed wind instrument.. sax maybe? Simmers and simmers, boils over, then simmers again. Second track is a harsh noise static fuzz ear-bleed.

AA- electronic oscillation going into ritualistic vocal tribal chant. Angular and driving.. light on the noise, heavy on the spazz, complete with backward sounds and killer drum work.. of course

GREYSKULL- massive improv noise-scape drone gumbo. Some dude gurgling and yelling in the midst.. Grumbling electronics and a heavy bass to make your bones vibrate. Cookie monster comes to visit about half way through.

So much to chose from, what will you do?? This collection destroys. Sonic annihilation. have fun.

-Surfer Rosa

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