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Freude-Am-Tanzen Compilation 01 [coll] – [Freude-am-Tanzen Recordings]

incognito   4/9/2013   A Library, CD

Another collection from Freude-Am-Tanzen / Kompakt. I hate having to keep describing things as “very German” but I gotta tell you… This is very German. Deep, minimal tech, avant-house. The first and last tracks are a bit fluffy, but things start getting interesting with “Black Woman,” a deep, stoned 90s Chicago sounding groove. There are some light tracks, like Funky Transport’s “Hells Bells,” but the meat of this album is quite suitable for The End Up at 5.30am on a Monday morning when you really should have stopped ingesting chemicals 27 hours ago, but everyone wanted to keep partying and who are you to say no, so you just went with it and now you’re probably going to have to take Tuesday off too. Glitchy, subtle, driving and definitely under the influence. The stand out track on this is Hemman and Kaden’s “Vaganza.”


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