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Uton – Courtis – “Flokka Kur” – [Musik Atlach]

humana   4/4/2013   A Library, CD

The way this CD was created was similar to the back and forth of a tennis match, with Uton making the first recording in Finland in 2008, and Anla Courtis editing, mixing, and re-recording in Argentina in 2011, finishing with Uton making final tweaks in France in 2011. The drones contained herein sound at times like those you hear in a plane (3), or like the hush of loose change slipping over a metal counter. Alternately jarring and soothing, there are some light layers of vocals in Spanish and Finnish. The flowers shown on the sleeve and disc itself are just lovely and emblematic of the musicians’ gratitude to the flora that inspired their collaboration.


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