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Fantomas / Melt-Banana [coll] – [Unhip]

Thurston Hunger   2/17/2006   A Library, CD

Must not think of horrible Hoooey Lewisss reference, must not
must not, MUST NOT! Instead focus on the sooooo unhip, it’s
square 3″ CD here. The Fantomas deliver a 44 second minute
tease that feels an overture to an involved murder movie theme.
Jackhammerification, raveny patented Patton vocals soar over
the honking bumper guitars below. They even manage a redux
into the all-too-short festivities. Next Melt-Banana conducts
more calisthenics in a mine-field. Guitar radiation takes two
forms : a loopy kids raygun and sheets of harsher slash chords,
bass is sure-footed on your unsure-ear. Yasuko Onuki is a
chipper chirper too, seems like she’s the perfect compliment
to the Agata “guitar” attack. Although for some reason I
found myself hearing her as a Yes’ Jon Anderson on a helium
binge this time around. They could probably do a 75 second
versin of “Closer to the Edge” that would go right past it.
Any ways, this is a study in modern mania by two mavens for
it! The 2 minutes and 45 seconds here feels like 8 minutes
and 53 seconds! Teeny tiny tinny terror. -Thurston Hunger


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