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Nurse With Wound – “Man With a Woman Face” – [World Serpent Dist.]

cinder   3/14/2013   A Library, CD

Three ambient, experimental tracks from Steven Stapleton and Colin Potter. The first has a slow, humming drone as the base. Random sounds start to sputter in and out… electronic snakes, poison rattles, xylophones, computer rain and kinetic bugs. Each window of sound presents an added element that builds on the last. A snap of the finger, a moan, a throat hum, electronic springs… Play and response, layered and fondled. The second track has an ambient start, but halfway through brings in some out-of-place drums, which lead to an explosion – literally. It rises back up again with a Middle Eastern-flared psych guitar and drum jam. The final piece has rhythmic hand drums, pitched singing, and some layered ambient, waving drones intertwining like vines. An organ finishes it off nicely.


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