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16-17 – “16-17 + Hardkore & Buffbunker” – [Savage Land]

abacus   3/14/2013   A Library, CD

Pummeling thrash jazz from this fiery skronk trio out of Switzerland. Unearthed recordings from cassettes, 4-track and vinyl recorded from 1984-1987 remastered by Weasel Walter (of course) definitely reflect their Brotzmann/Borbetomagus influences. Drums and bass set a primal pulse for the sax to tear through unrestrained, sometimes uncontrollably unleashing his bestial instincts with fits of snarling vocals. BOMBA and WATCH slink back into the shadows for more brooding, restrained attacks like creatures lurking in the shadows of volcancic caverns waiting to pounce while the Buffbunker track is more of a smoky noir groove wandering black and white streets on a rainy evening. Leaves an awfully nasty taste in my mouth…mmm good


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