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Jacobs, Henry – “Around The World With Henry Jacobs” – [Important Records]

mickeyslim   3/6/2013   A Library, CD

Interesting album to say the least, basically it sounds like they sat down in someone’s living room, smoked a bunch of weed, and started talking about things, backed with music occasionally. That is to say, it’s pretty fucking cool, and any proper mixologist’s important tool. The tracks range from 8 seconds to 5 minutes, and one living room banter session for 20 minutes. There’s an insert I put in here with a breakdown of each track, if you’re interested.

The second CD is for the spoken word fanatics, Henry Jacobs recorded Kenneth Rexroth and Lawrence Ferlighetti (City Lights co-founder) on the first night of a poetry/jazz series at The Cellar in SF’s North Beach in ’57. All track on second disc are awesome, Rexroth and Ferlinghetti kill it, and so does the Cellar Jazz Quintet.



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