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Panicsville / Rubber O Cement [coll] – [Nihilist Records]

cinder   3/1/2013   12-inch, A Library

Double experimental noise act split from 2001.
Panicsville’s side has computer sounding bleeps and bloops, as if it was recorded in the late 70s. Super video game effects, combated with the occasional noise explosion (frozen game?). Their liner notes delve into the world of how emotions are poison, and how bunnies don’t give a fuck about mind games, etc… creating titles and sounds that are “reinforced previous theories of frequency induced lust, low-end orgasm ratio and pre-coital oscillating ejaculation.” Track names like ‘Unending Ovular Motion’ just makes me reach for the Midol. Overall though it’s great electronics, an easy listen and good times.
Rubber O Cement continues with the video arcade, but in a more twisted and in your face style. Bubbling, roaring, rolling and hyperventilating electronics. Pedals, knobs, and costumes. Screamy shrieking words near the later half, with some drum machines. An equally warped and enjoyable listen.


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