Pitre, Duane / Pilotram Ensemble – “Organized Pitches Occurring In Time” – [Important Records]

cinder   3/1/2013   A Library, CD

Floating tone drones, conceptual compositions by Duane Pitre. It’s written that one way to view each piece as if the score was the skeletal structure of a body, and each instrument serves as a vital organ. The first track, with an organ base, is pure meditation. Instruments slowly pan in and out, humming like the belly of an airline jet. Slow, defined tones of solid sound layered and perfectly placed. The second piece has a guitar drone base, which has the harmonious tone of a swung copper bell. A subtle saxophone blows in like a midnight fog horn. The thing I love is that the whole thing sounds like a moment in time – like a single note from each instrument was caught and frozen, then played out in slow motion over each other. Very nice!


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