+DOG+ – “Family Music Book, Volume 1, The” – [Love Earth Music]

abacus   2/27/2013   A Library, CD

A collection of live tracks from the decrepit army of degenerates that make up +DOG+ headed by Steve Davis, lord overseer of Love Earth Music. The tracks here offer different flavors of this collective of noisers from all around California, including the Liver Cancer guys, Lob from Instagon and others. Not entirely the rhythmic industrial noise with subtle manipulations and alterations that we get on studio material; instead, we have a lot more harsh, brutal assaults of feedback, screaming and destruction. The vocals sound like they come mostly from Bobby of Liver Cancer, with his deep groaning and roaring, with some spoken word and fuzzed out audio samples thrown in the mix as well. The first track here, recorded at The Lab in SF is just that, a chaotic storm of electrical ruin. The two Test Patterns tracks incorporate the subtle factory sounds and on Pt. 2 move into harsher territories, with a sample of The Aristocrat’s joke thrown in for good measure (FCC!). Humiliation and The Shadow are more hurricanes of audio annihilation, with slightly more distant recording quality. A great addition to our extensive collection of +DOG+ material, revealing an even more rank and rabid side to these rotten rascals.


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