Mushroom’s Patience + Outofsight [coll] – [War Office Propaganda]

Belladonna   2/27/2013   A Library, CD

Released in ’06 on the War Office Propaganda label, since renamed Rage In Eden, this is probably one of the more amazingly strange things I have reviewed. A split between Mushroom’s Patience aka Raffaele Cerroni, an Italian avantgarde band based in Rome and Outofsight, an elusive Polish dark ambient/experimental artist.
Mushroom’s Patience is an Alien Space Rock Opera, some glitch beats, melancholy piano, quirky bleeps, improv Jazz and experimental chaos. Outofsight is equally strange and perplexing, dark ambient, experimental weirdness, darker than Mushroom but equally quirky. Overall this release is like the soundtrack to a newly remade Flash Gordon movie. Enjoy!


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