Moira Scar – “Scarred For Life” – [Resipiscent Records]

abacus   2/20/2013   12-inch, A Library

From the toxic slime of future trash and rubble, this sci-fi skronk opera leads the mutant armies of ghastly creatures to take over the decrepit earth. LuLu Gamma Ray, Roxy Monoxide and Bonus Beast, three gothic humanoids dancing around organ keys and screaming through trombone and sax bells chiming the end of illusion, disillusioned by the death-glam being doled out indiscriminately. These incantations are all that remains in this post-apocalyptic circus of radioactive deformities where the freaks run the Rockabilly Horror Show. Horrifying and massive as the giant cyst of our atrophied spirits, waiting to be popped and let all the juice of our dementia drip free.


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