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RM74 – “Two Angles of a Triangle” – [Utech Records]

surferrosa   2/20/2013   A Library, CD

RM74 is the work of Reto Mader (Ural Umbo, Sum of R…) These tracks play like arrangements, flowing and building in movements.. like light reflecting off a glassy surface, or trees vibrating with the wind. Dreamlike in every sense of the word, but always with the subtle prick of an old nightmare. An orchestra of strings, synthesizers, broken piano lines, moaning theremin, radio frequencies and found sounds such as cracking tree branches or rustling paper….amplified objects, gongs and bells, backwards tones, sedating drones, shimmery strums..imminently interrupted by something ugly, but never for more than a moment. These are organic sound-scapes of the electro-acoustic. Just as eerie as they are lovely. Tracks do not segue but are certainly sections of one massive piece. -Surfer Rosa


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