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Rich, Robert & Boddy, Ian – “Lithosphere ” – [Din]

Krzton Drda   1/6/2006   A Library, CD

Brief and gentle ambient explorations of imaginary places that track into each other. Has a depth and feel similar to other Robert Rich pieces, but more simple, stripped down, and atmospheric than orchestral. Some tracks have lightly plucked strings or ploinked percussion or both while others slide by like clouds.

Track 1 “Threshhold” spacey
Track 2 “Vent” guitar, meandering, backround percussion
Track 3 “Chamber” bells, clank, tapping of strings
Track 4 “Glass” glooping and spacey
Track 5 “Subduction” slide into percussive echo chamber
Track 6 “Geode” glow and rattle–will these pots ever come clean?
Track 7 “Stone” scrape that transformer!
Track 8 “Metamorphic” watch the blow dryer races from a distance
Track 9 “Lithosphere” belly dance 45 played at 33 1/3 in heavy syrup
Track 10 “Melt” slow, sad humming dirge with vaguely Frippertronic feel


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