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Guerilla Toss – “Jeffery Johnson” – [Feeding Tube Records]

Thurston Hunger   12/6/2012   12-inch, A Library

Who got Bride of No No pregnant? Nah, this Boston-based project
is its own baby…shrieky freak flag streaks of blaring sound. Kassie
Carlson will make a great mom, as I picture her out-tantruming
even the most avant infant terrible. Her voice is more like a piercing
percussion to the lurching art-deranged rhythms summoned from the
band. Peter Negroponte is a pretty brainy drummer, who keeps
the killer robot from tilting all the way over. Psychotic synthesizer
from Ian Kovac Jr. And the guitar/bass work of Arian Shafiel and
Simon Sheldon Hanes will make all the lassies and laddies go
bolocko. I’d call it math rock, but the shape of the songs is not
non-Euclidean, but anti-Euclidean. Hell if I know what that means,
but I like it. Between the shrill vox, the red alert keyboard sirens
and the six string amplified jackhammers angular angles tread. I
like when Carlson goes into her dear diary monologues, even if
lost in the clamor and/or familial guilt. I’m not sure where the songs
start/stop, but I suspect neither is the band. Rocking out past No Wave
to where there are No Prisoners. Evil? Genius? Likely both…
-Thurston Hunger

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