Saws – Saws – [In Tone]

Hunter Gatherer   12/18/2005   A Library, CD

Saws is a group of four experimental rock musicians. As far I can tell, this is their only release so far. It was released in 2005 by In Tone records, which is a label owned by the bassist Rick Frystak.

Of the four, Rick Potts is probably the most responsible for their experimental and eclectic sound. In addition to being a musical improviser he invents instruments like a hinge-neck electric guitar and a fake screaming rat.

Mr. Potts and Mr. Guttmacher both play the musical saw (hence the title) on these tracks in a variety of ways: miking it sawing through wood, bowing it, and striking it. These sounds and others are electronically processed. These sounds are anchored somewhat by the bassist and drummers, who are backing them up with varying time signatures and varying degrees of intensity. The production is very clean; these guys want you to hear every altered sound clearly.

The result is an unearthly sound with a futuristic feel, like music you’d hear in a mall on Mars with solar radiation interfering with the sound system.
All tracks are instrumental, though (4) has some buried vocals.

–Hunter Gatherer


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