Lord Time – “Forgotten Future” – [Prison Tatt Records]

mickeyslim   9/12/2012   12-inch, A Library


“I’m ok, I’m ok.”

You might hear yourself saying this after listening to the 15 and a half minute assault of black metal insanity from Lord Time. Looks like 8 tracks on the one-sided vinyl, some website cited 16 tracks, either way, it is broken up into harsh abrasive metal for a minute or two, then lush ambientness, back into harsh sounding metal, and it all tracks!

Lord Time is the solo work of drummer/vocal experimentalist Andorkappen of the group Harassor. The vocals are quiet and creepy, like he’s whispering, chanting right into your ear, not screamed. Surfy at times, fast and high energy.

Limited to 200 copies, and. oh yeah, that IS his blood on the vinyl…


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