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3 Leafs – “Canal Smarts” – [Self Released]

Thee Opinataur   9/11/2012   12-inch, A Library

Recorded July 2010,250 limited release

Sextet -Tim Cohen Guitar, vocals (Fresh & Onlys) Chris Cones- Guitar, Diego Gonzalez -Bass (Subarachnoid Space), Anthony Petrovic -(AKA Ezeetiger), Warren Huegal -Drums (University of Errors), Josh Pollack – Guitar (Mushroom). Getting this much talent together it is not surprising this album is an absolutely blissful psychedelic trip. Side A is a 19-minute long psychedelic space jam immersed in an ethereal atmosphere. A hypnotic slow motion jam filled with blurred chords, looped bass, and FX’s voice adrift in droned out psychedelia. B1) Dense psyche rock jam opens with tight syncopated drumming while the bass throbs unsteadily with urgent propulsion. FX’d unintelligible vocals swirl with distorted reverberation along side psych guitar riffing and organ sprinkled with looped samples and plenty of sonic chaos. B2) Funky bass line opening, guitar riffing, wistful minimalistic psyches jam.


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