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No Neck Blues Band – “Aftypiclipse (For Jazzfinger)” – [Sound @ One]

abacus   8/28/2012   12-inch, A Library

A bunch of trolls get together in 2007 and take some acid in a jumbled scrapheap of a squat for a guerilla jam-in. Post drop they start banging sticks together and howling deformities as the drums and guitars get set up and tuned out. Nancy Nutso’s sitting off in the corner fighting the inevitable, writhing around in orgiastic pain and screaming at the arhythmic sputter attacking her from all sides. Razor sharp wah ramblings by Roky Erickson on guitar narrate the come up as Donkey Kong trembles on the drums. While Nancy screams and wails and the guitars exchange scratchers, Kenny G offers periodic soothers on sax, offset and at odds with the clamor. After the first perplexing peak, the drugs really kick in and we blast off to the outer edges of a distorted TV signal, anchored to reality only by the harmonic player. Hyenas and babies yowl and cry and the alarm clock won’t fucking turn off as we sink deeper into astral insanity. We come back to Nancy exchanging sighs of solace with woodwinds and violin as the house is boarded up for quarantine outside. With the outside world so distant, the trippers give into their primal instincts and join for a tribal ritual, chanting animal cries against the percussive rumble. Sirens outside send the crew hiding around the house while Roky spaces out by himself, oblivious that everyone’s back in the kitchen throwing shit around, so Fran Drescher jumps in on sax and Kong clamours back onto the set for some skronkfest. This wakes up Nancy and the baby and they have a fit of a screaming fight only to be drowned out by a full army onslaught of dosers taking their drugged jab at some black metal din. Donkey Kong doesn’t follow but keeps a beat anyway, Roky gets bored and starts wahing around again and Kenny goes off to the window to escape and comfort himself. Nancy, suddenly enticed tries some cookie monster vocals, encouraging Roky and the gang to really step in. All of a sudden they all realize they’re on some twisted reality TV show and are instant celebrities. The End.

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