Profanation – “Devastation of Purity” – [Kill Yourself Productions]

Laethaka   8/26/2012   7-inch, A Library

Infernal thunder from Argentina solo project 2008. Excellently rendered death metal towards the blacker side. Grating and loud but unremittingly purposeful.

A1 call to war, indoctrination and orders given for the assault on heaven, anticipatory & pounding. A2 the best track, technical and unstoppable, fades out. A3 farm animals and church bells, titled The Orgy, good mic bed. B1 undulating waves of fire washing out from the open pit to Hell. B2 the killing floor at the bottom of the world, cavernous vocals, spikes everywhere, impalement, perseverant hate. B3 short burst, good for an intro to something else.


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