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Gayle, Philip – “Babanco Total” – [Public Eyesore]

Fluid vocal quilt, interlaced dubbed up voice mixing, farting mouth, tar pool delivery. Oh, ohhh, ahhh, bubbly saliva. Speaking goblin, orc? Similar to Phil Minton (who is better) or (more extreme than) Jaap Blonk (entailing a lost of meaning, comparatively). #1 Razor motor sustain and gurgle beat, like having a haircut in a dentist’s office. #2 Fish tank, old man aches and showers, cracking knuckles, pumping gold ink pens, and snake venom spray. #3 Morning yawn. None accapella except maybe #4. Five – Sounds of ocean boat zips, slides, white noise water crashing, things approximate to seagulls, action heavy, heavy wheezing, kissy sounds, and blowing your nose. #6 Scooter engine, leaf blower, two out of breath people, and armpit farts. #7 Burp, and falling to one’s side from over-eating, mouth noise. #8 Sped-up crowd chatter. #9 Gregorian chant and gurgle prayer. Later, the willy-nilly auctioneer shows up. #10 Slowed tour guide to dinosaur talk, then sped to Farsi speed. #11 is funny, scooby doo, bert and ernie, and more, also reggae blap blap. #12 Soothing to an asthmatic’s ears, clear breathing ways, and heavy sleep breathing. Obvious use of stereo hard panned 2 channel production. #13 More than mere technique. #14 More modern. #15 Donald duck meets the choir.

  • Reviewed by Grizzly Adam on April 7, 2012 at 2:16 am
  • Filed as A Library,CD
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  • Comment on this review


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