Big Black & Black Harold (Ray, Daniel & Murray, Harold)) – “a Message to Our Ancestors” – [Uni Records]

Cousin Mary   3/28/2012   12-inch, Jazz

This 1967 recording meets at the intersection of African tribal music and jazz. Congas take the melody and flute does rhythm, or so they say. Flutes flutter, sing, and sometimes scream. Human voices mostly make sounds that are not words.

Percussionist Big Black (born Daniel Ray in 1934) was inspired by radio broadcasts from Cuba as a child in the southeastern US. He played with salsa and calypso bands and later with Bepop artists and was called “The King of the Congas”. Undeservedly obscure flautist Black Harold (Murray) also worked with Pharaoh Sanders and Sun Ra.

Very cool, recommended!

PGM: Volume levels seems low.


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