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Haptic – “Scilens” – [Fss]

First Note: “Mingus Plays Piano”.
Exterior grooves in fist-sized metal clang when struck, being thrust downward to bang on it’s symmetrically opposed double. Some that are actual used sources; Sewing machine, location recording (field recording or found sound.) Clanky in the construction. Over blown horn squeak, air flow fault, cavernous or in closure surround sound water and trickle inside the piano with a scrape object with a little piano unikey expression upward increasing dynamic, sound of cylindrical air tubes, blow horn, a distant thunder heard from inside faint. Breathing, breathy word mutter and less than a minute inside. Violin in a slide technique, only a few are done and in a just as much done still fewer in a small range. Emulating boat creak, a process, massive object, and slow to change. Heart pound bass sudden, accompanies with fainter drum from tom tom or the like
(parade drum). Wind in rain, tapping a window. A fairly encircled tonal range, trebly. Fuzz from the cassette originals comes to the front and gets accompaniment. A loose cling together is once again encircling. This time a higher pitch tonal area is revealed as being with more drone elements than done so for the crinkly start and progressions. Near nothing yet it might be an organ, of what sounds like a chord, you can spot it out. And 10 minutes in, the sound dissipates into a few closing notes on drum. That was track 1. #2 Bass to rumble, wind against glass, and muted snare roll builds to be the largest sound until dissonant harmonies come up quicker than a lab grows cultures. A very loud track. Manual alarm to sudden quiet and electronic invis-a-drone. Folds into clock seconds, tick tock and end. #3 More like the guitar drone stuff of frontier. Pulse active, trance sleep and evening, at night, calm collected, doing sewing grinding etc. The more liminal stuff that goes with a band like Gog. There is a coda ending this piece where
some creative use of silence was done so be aware. #4 More of a noise piece, with longer, more sustained, noise sources. Flickering, scanning, and printing. Pan percussion or cymbals. To ambient electronica. Sudden silence here too, and on into a piano coda. #5 Skipping portable CD player. Rain noise (almost) humming acoustic sound, and screechy electronics that drone. Fire crackle, and marbles.
-Eveningly Infinitely Wipes Scrub Sonny Atoms Grizzly Adam

  • Reviewed by Grizzly Adam on February 1, 2012 at 6:47 am
  • Filed as A Library,Cassette
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  • Comment on this review


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