Corvid Lorax – “Encyclopedia of Insanica” – [Little Whore Records]

MSTiZA   9/28/2011   CD, Hip Hop


Corvid Lorax -Little Whore Records


what i find attractive about this release is hard to pinpoint. maybe it’s because there’s a fusion element and a lot going on in the beats. however, there is little pretense and its’ all layed out. love it or leave it, there is a general element of fun and not taking it all too seriously. it’s like lounging with like your homeys, smokin blunts, making shit happen in the small pond. it’s intellectual kid grown up rap music; one part throwback to childhood nostalgia and two part styles from the 90’s new school era. He’s got that head knock style that I miss about in rap music. Also, there’s very little braggadocio that ruins this style. Instead, you find alliterations, allegations, layered beats with just enough production and samples to illustrate there is a feel good vibe in the crew this guy rolls with. Madame Wang production is some of my favorite so far this year. Dope beats with sci-fi, public service samples, and subtle scape scrapes. can’t wait to hear more, from some of the featured guest artists(Tzadeka, DB Buxton, etc.). Dap to Little Whore Rex!

3WR: rag A rap


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