Altruda, Joey – “Kingston Cocktail” – [Will Records]

domitype   1/19/2009   CD, Jazz

This is a fun thing that actually works: take a small jazz dance combo, add flavors of Ska, Reggae and 50???s lounge (cha-cha, rhumba, etc.) in a big cocktail blender – mix well and serve to all those Gen-XYZ types that think Ska is the Next Big Thing.

Yes it is a concept who???s time has come: Ska-Lounge-Kore! In spite of the calculated marketing effort this is actually a good record. The jazz has value (if a bit light,) the ska beat is understated (no hiccupping t-bones here,) there is some very good Hammond B-3 playing. I think people could really dance to the music. The last track reminds me somehow of that 60???s song “Spooky”–Dave Richoux


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