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Anderson, Fortner – “Annunciations” – [Canada Council for the Arts]


2012 release from Canadian poet Fortner Anderson…featuring the reading, and reinterpretation, of three texts: The Colombia Crew Survival Investigation Report (NASA); The Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; and The Joint Task Force Guantanamo Standard Operating Procedures for Camp Delta. The recorded readings were subsequently transmogrified by nine multifarious artists…from Germany, Canada, United States…into new electroacoustic compositions.

Ned Bouhalassa…vintage synth pads, swells, oscillations intermingled with granulated voice dramatizing climate change scenarios/listing pollutants.

Andy Williams…computer-synthesized bells and public domain Soundex effects accompany unaffected voice describing torture/water-boarding techniques.

Christian Calon…pitch-shifted chorus of voices describe Space Shuttle Colombia disaster.

Nicolas Bernier…textual synchronization of voice and sound fragments designed to signify fallen lives of Colombia astronauts.

Martine Crispo…manipulation of voice and modified Talking Teacher educational toy to accentuate the “phoneme” (smallest unit of sound) of each spoken word.

Chantal Dumas…contextualized, concrete soundscape intended to create an atmosphere of tension between the natural and electroacoustic sounds utilizing the rhythm of the words from selected passages about climate change.

Alessandro Bosetti…ode to water-boarding deploying a Madrigal about death sung (along with some mellow organ/guitar accompaniment) while having a stream of water projected into the mouth, and juxtaposed with a naked reading of torture description/justification.

Christian Kesten…a remix of the poem Every Sunday…using only Fortners’ breathing (inhaling/exhaling/unvoiced syllables/phonemes) while all spoken words are replaced by silence…set in a sound bed of field recordings.

John Berndt…sound piece generated by a complex multi-channel feedback web exploiting the “Autotune” voice/instrument processing software layered with a dry rendition of the doomed Colombia mission.

  • Reviewed by Roland Blunt on August 9, 2014 at 6:10 pm
  • Filed as A Library,CD
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  • Comment on this review


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