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Dj Female Convict Scorpion – “Patience Cleveland ” – [Self Release]

At some point in time I will no longer find the name of this
project funny, but even after the date; far, far into the
future…I’ll still enjoy the creative collision of samples
strung together on this. DJ FCS is none other than Josh
Pollock, billionaire playboy by day and pilot of the Six
Eye Columbia by night. He mixes things like a drummer, which
in my mind is the highest compliment. Non-drummers when they
stack up tracks often just wind up with an overcluttered,
crossfighting much. Even before we get the Doomsday catalogue
of Billboard beezlebubs (that release on its lonesome still
spooks what little bejesus is left in me), but even before that
which in its short excerption gets treated with no less than a
deftly aimed space laser, than a jolt of Muslimgaue, and even a
Hanna Barbera jack-in-the-box sproing, BUT even before that the
opening drift and slow jazz feels like Supersilent in a test tube.
Later there are elements of what sound like Popol Vuh, and well
tons of other stuff that strikes you as recongnizable, but it is so
deftly mixed that you don’t feel like spending time trainspotting,
just digging this fine concoction. With whisps of theremin worked
in on top too!! Gotta love the interview between a children’s record
and what sounds like an earthquake. For me, this is the sort of
hamburger helper that hip hop needs today. Yo, MC’s step to the
mic on the Scorpion’s tail!

  • Reviewed by Thurston Hunger on January 7, 2006 at 12:39 am
  • Filed as A Library,CD
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  • One Comment

    This is really something else! Hear DJ Convict Scorpion live on April 13th around 9pm, hoted by Justin Outlier. Track 4 is out of this world! Super cool I wish I was a convict too. Where’s my copy?

  • Comment by Ophelia, April 3rd, 2006 1:11 am

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