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Teuber, Hans/Rucker, Paul “Oil” [Jackson Street]

Interesting to hear a sax player not trying to peel
paint off yer earlids nor squeeze more notes into a
solo than clowns in a Volkswagen. Teuber’s playing
here is air-tight in parts; smooth (and reflective) as
a pool of water. By the way it is not a tenor as listed
on the cover, it’s alto. Though at times it sounded like
a french horn to me, polished, shiny. At other times it
was relaxed and subdued as a clarinet on claritin. He’s
paired up with a very tightly strung cello from Paul
Rucker. On most tracks it feels like Rucker is going
to have a string SNAP and that adds a nice tension to
the mellifluous playing of Teuber. Lot’s of reverb
on that sax…like walking through an impeccably clean
subway? “Somber Time” is a beauty. “Some Are More
Equal” features nice percussive pphhht’s from Teuber
at the beginning. Art of restraint overall.

  • Reviewed by Thurston Hunger on January 28, 2004 at 1:36 am
  • Filed as Format,CD,Jazz
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  • Clearlake – “Cedars ” – [Domino Records]

    Bleak and despairing sophomore release from Sussex coast
    quartet articulately explores a personal inventory of
    madness, death, loss, self-loathing and resilient honor
    arrived at via lacerating wit. A document of heartbreak
    and the sensibilities of vulnerability amid drizzle-filled
    days of assumed and inevitable failure and self-depreciation
    (aided greatly by producer Simon Raymonde of COCTEAU TWINS) as
    confessed by frontman Jason Pegg, who elicits beauty in melan-
    choly and melancholy behind beauty from stalwart members Sam
    Hewitt (keyboards), David Woodward (bass), and James Butcher
    (drums)???..???The last thing you???re expecting when you???re
    looking for a window / is to see it look so grey??????
    [???Wonder if the Snow???] Strings drive tracks like ???The Mind is
    Evil??? with a harmonic tension, while a simplistic basic piano
    line fuels ???Keep Smiling???, giving to maleficent desire ???I???d Like
    to Hurt You??? and a soul-searching mitigation ???Trees in the City???.
    The juxtaposition of uplifting and wonderful arrangement with the
    coal-colored sentiment places Pegg???s alto to a reverent self-drama,
    competing with murals of feedback, keyboards and chanting
    (especially ???Come into the Darkness???) in a see-saw battle of
    greenery vs. metropolis (sample the inverted Golden Rule of selfish
    motivation inside ???Treat Yourself with Kindness???,,,,??????Do unto
    yourself as you might wish thy will be done by someone else??????)
    Melodic and majestic to the drenching limit (with superb use of
    minor keys throughout)and conceived by the band in France and
    Brighton, the edge here is lyrical atop a bed of raw and evocative
    sonics ??? gorgeous melodics in support of forensic observations.
    MITCH January 2004

  • Reviewed by mitch on January 16, 2004 at 12:49 am
  • Filed as A Library,CD
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  • Parker, William/Joe Morris/Ham – “Eloping with the Sun ” – [Hypo Production]

    Three of the leading lights in the world of improvised music combine forces to create this
    very unique release. Performing respectively on the sintir (a Morroccan bass lute usually
    associated with Gnawa music), banjo and banjouke (a ukelele hybrid), and frame drum,
    these remarkable musicians create a sound that is both reminiscent of traditional
    instrumental Middle Eastern and African folk music and seemingly totally new at the same time. On each of the five tracks, Parker and Drake lay down a rhythmic groove while Morris freestyles over them like Earl Scruggs on crack. Innovative and hypnotic – play! DL

  • Reviewed by Daryl Licht on January 7, 2004 at 10:15 pm
  • Filed as CD,Jazz
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