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KARP – “KARP” [Up Records]

Power Scare trio outta Olympia, Washington, where “it’s the water” translates in
to some serious rock. Heavy, rhythmic, angry, combative sounds emanate from both
sides of the white vinyl UP Records supplies. Supposedly creating sensory overload
when taken live; this 7″ caputures the vibe well. Wounds that won’t heal are the
result of Side A, and Side B applies sandpaper to those same festering, oozing sores. Unmerciful,crushing, massive release.

  • Reviewed by jack soil on March 6, 2005 at 4:32 am
  • Filed as Format,7-inch,A Library
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  • Gasoline – “Gasoline” [Estrus]

    apanese drunk rockers, Gasoline, tear the shit out of this slab o’ vinyl. Produced
    and assisted by Tim Kerr (Lord High Fixers, Jack O’Fire, Poison 13) and Michael
    Maker (Makers), this trio’s debut feedback infused release on Estrus never lets up. Evidently, the singer, Gan, graduated with honors from the Captain Jack and
    Scully school of microphone techniques so that the profanity and other vox are
    barely intelligible. That being stated, Estrus releases always seem to kick
    superior ass, and this is no exception. 14 high-octane incendiary tracks of sloppy,
    RockNRoll. No foolin, this ripps!

  • Reviewed by jack soil on March 6, 2005 at 4:30 am
  • Filed as Format,12-inch,A Library
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  • Earth Crisis “The Oath That Keeps Me Free”

    Earth Crisis, the vegan straightedge band out of Syracuse NY, the epitome of sXe
    bands, sets up 12 live massive hardcore tunes that spoil everything in their path.
    Total sonic annhilation of anything in their path appears to be be the goal – and
    they, without a doubt, exceed all objectives. Check out the first track, Cream’s
    “Sunshine Of Your Love”. I’m guessing Eric Clapton never expected this. This is
    their first live album; it is a benefit for the father of one of the guys in
    the band. Pure, punishing power. Vox are practically indistinguishable; one
    track, 11, has a somewhat noticible FUCK. Even if you’re not into their whole
    politics/veganism/living drug, alcohol, smoke free, and everything else associated
    with sXe, give it a spin. Oppressors beware.

  • Reviewed by jack soil on March 6, 2005 at 4:27 am
  • Filed as Format,A Library,CD
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  • coll – Break the Rules # 8 [V2}

    Practically lost recordings of punk, powerpop, melody punk and sometimes banned
    materials revived for your true punk listening pleasure. Inside, find a fantastic
    collection of rare 7″s from punk bands around the world (Sweden, Italy, Germany,
    USA, UK, Canada, Norway, more) spanning the dates of 1978 to ’82. Peter P (the
    Germany based mastermind behind this comp.) hooks up with friends around the
    world to put the collection together. All records are limited editions, one of
    the releases were limited to 100 copies. There is some truly great material here
    from the likes of Snuky Tate, Dayglo Abortions (the cover of this coll. is borrowed
    from one of their jackets), Haerverk, and Xtraverts. Every song is a winner,
    you will not go wrong. Excellent liner notes include little stories/history
    about the band/particular song, pix from the original sleaves and inner label art.
    Top shelf comp.

  • Reviewed by jack soil on March 6, 2005 at 4:27 am
  • Filed as Format,12-inch,A Library
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  • Sono-Bomber “Songs from the Socket” [Clif Cunningham]

    7 intriguing untitled tracks exploring blips, drones, and severe electronic soun
    ds. Local artist, Clif Cunningham, provides the soundscape from another plane -
    the socket plane. My interpretation is that he managed to insert microphones into
    the wiring system of a house undergoing renovation. The old wiring and the
    new wiring don’t get along so well and what has been captured here are the trials
    and tribulations of distressed wire, and of course at times everything is copacetic.
    On this chunk of homemade silicon are harsh, noisy, precision layered loops,
    repeating patterns, and electronic chaos that will potentially put you somewhere
    other than where you are right now. Chance it, friend.

  • Reviewed by jack soil on March 6, 2005 at 4:24 am
  • Filed as A Library
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  • Pauline Oliveros – “Alien Bog/Beautiful Soop” [pogus]

    Oliveros completed these two compositions during her year as First Director of the
    Tape Music Center at Mills College in 1966 & 1967 (seriously out there for the
    time frame) utilizing the original Buchla Box 100 series and her tape delay system
    (no accordions on this one). Alien Bog was inspired by a frog pond and its inhabitants located outside of Pauline’s office on the Mills College Campus. The pond is gone now,
    but the sounds are here for you to enjoy. Beautiful Soop is a bizarre Alice in Wonderland
    narrative accompanied by Ms. Oliveros. What a ride! The sounds are absolutely
    beautiful and will put you at one with whatever it is you are near. 2 very long tracks
    that are over way too soon.

  • Reviewed by jack soil on March 6, 2005 at 4:23 am
  • Filed as Format,A Library,CD
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  • The Vendettas “The Vendettas” [360Twist]

    Slightly inebriated twangin’ garagy rock sounds from The Vendettas. They borrow
    from whatever they can get their filthy mitts on – electric blues, RnB, crazed
    rockabilly. Singer/rhythm guitarist, Buffi Aguero hails from the Subsonics (as
    the drummer) along with Clay Reed, producing (also from the Subsonics). Sporting
    two chix and two dudes, they sound like a Cramps-meets the-Makers-meets the-insert
    some other trash rawk band effort. In fact, singer Johnny Vignault could probably
    step in for the Makers any time ( given that he changes his hair doo and agrees to
    tour in a hearse). Good stuff through and through, occasionally snotty, occasionally
    crazed, occasionally demented and always rockin, guaranteed by a solid pedigree. In
    other words, it’s a solid good time. Obviously shaken like they meant it to be.

  • Reviewed by jack soil on March 6, 2005 at 4:20 am
  • Filed as Format,A Library,CD
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  • The Other Side “Don’t Look Back” [Desco]

    Enormous slabs-o-funky super soul-icious sounds. Absolutely amazing work from T
    he Other Side. I’m almost speechless, but here goes – James Brown inspired phat
    phat as hell funky sounds. All instrumentals, heavy heavy funky boogaloo, heavy
    heavy duty wax. This shit is broke. Don’t bother repairin’ it. Just go with it.
    Sounds like this should have been recorded twenty-plus years ago. This is
    chunky, sticky and thick as fresh tar on a hot summer afternoon. The back of
    the album maybe sez it best, “DESCO is seeking bands and musicians interested in
    recording HEAVY HEAVY Funk or Boogaloo. If your influences include Parliament,
    Stevie Wonder, or be-bop, you need not apply. When it comes to getting’ down,
    James Brown is the ground.” Grooves and grooves and grooves.

  • Reviewed by jack soil on March 6, 2005 at 4:19 am
  • Filed as 12-inch,Soul
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  • Brother JT and Vibrolux “Dosed and Confused” [Bedlam]

    4 live frenetic tracks by the crazed Brother JT and Vibrolux taken from tapes of
    various concerts and even a live mic at WFMU in Orange, NJ. The source recordings
    are a bit dirty sounding, but don’t give that a second thought. This is an amazing
    70 + minute chaotic psycho-delic freakout that has the tangental Brother JT
    rambling (in between extensive psychedelic jams) about riding the bus, witnessing
    the butchering of a deer as a young child, and the value of an education. A
    fantastic release from the musical and sometimes maniacal genius that is the
    heavily dosed and confused Brother JT and Vibrolux. Ingest often and liberally
    – can also be used as a topical cream.

  • Reviewed by jack soil on March 6, 2005 at 4:15 am
  • Filed as A Library
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  • Rocket 455 “Sees all- Knows all – Tells all” 45rpm [Get Hip]

    With a name derived from an extremely powerful motor produced in motor city for
    Oldsmobile in the early 70′s, it isn’t much of a stretch to figure out that Rock
    et 455 tip their hat to the MC5 and Iggy Pop in a major way. Fast forward 25 ye
    ars and not much has changed in terms of music stylings -this is a good thing.
    You get 6 fast paced rockin tunes carved into this little 10″ gem. This is their
    3rd release after two self-released 7″s. Rip roarin, full blown Detroit punk rock
    with serious attitude and plenty of energy. Line these guys and gal up with
    the likes of Duradelinquent and Lucky Thirteens for a dangerous evening. Sure,
    there are alotta imitators out there, but few come as close to sounding like th
    e real thing as Rocket 455. Fun and over wayyy tooo soon.

  • Reviewed by jack soil on March 6, 2005 at 4:14 am
  • Filed as Format,10-inch,A Library
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